Best Killer?

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Best Killer?

Post  Meeko on Fri May 20, 2011 10:24 am

A character name Alejandro is the best killer in the server?

This few note is for Alejadro..

Right now i can see that you are the best killer in ARENA. But you think you doing good in the server? Why?

You are killing all players in ARENA even they have zero reset. All of them hate you and they are not enjoying the game coz of your bad habits.

Please give them a chance to get max stat first and we assign our selves a PK area like Losttower 1 or you can do duel or guild war if you want war. But right now please let them get max stat first and you see it will be alright. We have PK event and you can DUEL many player and/or war them later. I hope you understand this server still young and we need more friends and more enemy to come.

Regards and more power to you,


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Re: Best Killer?

Post  Guest on Sat May 21, 2011 3:23 am

I think there is no problem of what he doing because the server and name itself is PVP maybe if he PK in event like Blood Castle or any event we will give him sanction maybe its his style of playing better get rid of him or there are lots of spot in our server try to explore but we will talk to him or maybe you try to talk to him and do friend with him....


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