Excellent Options Information

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Excellent Options Information

Post  Florilyn on Sat May 12, 2012 1:25 am

Excellent Options Found On Weapons

Full Name (Short Form)

Excellent Damage Rate +10% (+edr)

Increase Damage +lvl/20 (+dmglvl/20) or (lvl20)

Increase Damage 2% (+Inc2%) or (2%) or (ID2%)

Increase Attacking Speed+7 (+spd)

Increase Acquisition Rate of Life (+life)

Increase Acquisition Rate of Mana (+mana)

Excellent Options Found On Armour's

Full Name (Short Form)

Max HP +4% (+hp)

Max Mana +4% (+mp)

Damage Decrease +4% (+dd)

Reflect +5% (+ref)

Defense Success Rate +10% (+dsr)

Increase Acquisition of Zen +40% (+zen)


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