GuildHall Requests

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GuildHall Requests

Post  ShOck on Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:08 pm

Rules for Guild Hall Request

- This is for Guild Hall Requests only.
- Your guild must have at least ten [10] members
- Your request thread must have at least Three [3] reply post from your guild members. One reply post per member only.
- One request per guild at a time
- Anyone from the guild can initiate the request / post a thread for request.


Thread Title: Name of your Guild
Ex: ADMIN Guild

Thread Content:
- Screen Shot showing the guilds information and members

Reply Format
- Ex: im RAPPiDO of ADMIN Guild

- If your guild meet the requirements, message any admin to approve your Guild Hall
- Admins have the right to approve or reject your application
- ElektroMu have the rights to manage your Guild Hall

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