Castle Siege

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Castle Siege

Post  Meeko on Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:21 pm

Castle Siege is a big event for all guilds. It's an event which shows the power
of one's guild by owning the Castle. How to do it? The Guild Master are the one
who is in the job. The Guild Master needs to find the sign of lord to register
in this event. The guild mates are to protect the Guild Master safely to the tower
and register. The ally guild are to help the main guild for defense. This event can
last for 2hrs straight. Which ever guild won the Castle will be owned by them and the
flags will be the Guild's insignia. COOL!! In additions, they will be granted access
to the Land Of Trial, the entrance is at Valley of Loren coordinates 138 99. There will
be great item drops there like Accient items and Jewels Of Guardian and the guild's ally
are also permitted to enter. Only the Owner of this Castle have the permission to open
this gate to public. Everyone should be looking forward to this event for long!

Right now it was the 7GODZ and their ally owned this castle.
Castle Siege schedule every Wednesday 3:00 pm +8 GMT.

Gratz to the 7GODZ and Ally for owning Castle.
regards: BKmeeko Battle Master of the 7GODZ

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