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Here is some few TIPS in hunting and few TIPS for some beginners in playing ELEKTRO MU:

1. Zen Problem:
Hunt few ZEN that is sufficient to buy pet like Panda or Rodolf or Pet Skeleton.Wear one of them and they will help you loot alot of ZEN.

a. Kills mobs at BARRACKS = 4 PC POINTS each kill
b. Kills 3 Selupans (appears during Raklion events) at LaCleon = 6 PC POINTS each kill
c. kills White Wizards and Golden Mobs

With this PC POINTS you can buy JEWELS OF SOUL, JEWELS OF HARMONY, QUEST ITEM, JEWELS OF CREATION, JEWELS OF GUARDIAN, Ingredient in creating 3rd wing, Ingredient of creating HORN OF FENRIR and BOX OF KUNDUN +1 +2 +3 +4 and +5. NPC is located at LorenMarket look for NPC name First Master in open store.

First you must do Marlon's Ring of Honor/Dark Stone quest.

There are a few types of combination for the combo.

1 Weapon Skill (cyclone) + Twisting Slash + Death Stab.
2 Weapon Skill (cyclone) + Twisting Slash + Rageful Blow.
3 Weapon Skill (cyclone) + Rageful of Blow + Twisting Slash.
4 Weapon Skill (cyclone) + Rageful of Blow + Death Stab.
5 Weapon Skill (cyclone) + Death Stab + Twisting Slash.
6 Weapon Skill (cyclone) + Death Stab + Rageful Blow.
7 Weapon Skill (cyclone) + Twisting Slash + Strike of destruction (this can use after you finished your 3rd quest).

The first one is commonly seen Combo
which is fast and need precise aiming on your opponent. If your
opponent is good at running and dodging you need alot of practice to do

Combo 2 is easy to use but not as fast as Combo one.

Combo 3 same as Combo 2.

Combo 4 is a mixture of 2 and 1. As you will need to aim for the 2nd hit.

Combo 5 and 6 not as effective in my point of view.

Timing for combo is that you need to see weapon skill trigger. Holding
your right click quickly change to the other 2 skills. This can be done
by hotkeying the skills. You can go to the skill and press ctrl+1 to
hotkey it. For the other 2 skills ctrl 2 and ctrl 3 them. For example 1:
weapon skill, 2: Twisting Slash, 3: Deathstab. The timing takes
practice soon you will get it. Keep chaining the combos for massive
damage and for the awesome feeling of successful chain. Keep praticing
guys. I Hope this helps =3

Or try do like this Press crtl if
you not in duel then ... 123e 123e 123e 123e or 1123e 1123e 1123e that
means 1 skill of weapon, 2 twisting, 3 Slash and finally E is for the
potting. Do not forget the right combo is in the right timing.


I'll give u a tips on how to activate socket opt..

You will need all kind of SEED in set and weapon..

For set u will need atleast 2-3 seed spear Wind.. 2 seed spear Ground.. and atleast 2 seed spear Water

For sword u will need.. at least 2 seed spear Fire 2 seed spear Lightning.. and 2 seed spear Ice

If u complete all this requirements the socket opt will work
u will have a bonus socket..

Namely 1. double damage rate increase+3%
2. opponent defensibility ignorance attack+1%

You need to finished the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quest first and you need to be level 400. After lelvel 400 keep killing mobs to gain level points. And when you have level points.....
a. press A and add level points
b. Maximum MASTER LEVEL is 150.

I hope this few tips will help or guide the new players in ELEKTRO MU.
Happy gaming Very Happy


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